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Thick Glass

Today thick glass is an extremely popular material for bathroom/kitchen counters and back splashes.  Thick glass ranging in thicknesses from ¾” to 4” is an exciting new alternative to marble, granite, and Corian.  Thick glass countertops and splashes can be made in a variety of colors, degrees of opaqueness, clear or with bubbles, even silvered to emulate stainless steel.  They look great indoors and outdoors too.  Thick countertops can be made with integral glass sinks for a very smooth overall look.

Back painted glass is another slick contemporary alternative for countertops/ splashes and especially bathrooms and showers. The colors and textures are limitless, and the overall effect is very clean.   Back painted glass not only conforms to your décor, but is easy to clean and keep clean!

Mirrors and antique mirrors add sophistication to any room, and are available in varying degrees of clarity, bubbles, smoke, silver, and gilding to suit your home and style.  Antique framed mirrors work especially well in entries, powder rooms, hallways, dining rooms, and we have even installed them in panels in a very elegant garage.

Glass windows and glass doors are the mainstay of most homes, and businesses, and we specialize in these products.  We carry the most up to date hardware, aluminum, steel and wood frames for residential and commercial use.

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